About Davis Technical College

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Davis Technical College provides a competency-based education environment, which prepares high school and adult students with career and technical skills. The flexibility of open-entry scheduling allows students to start school anytime without waiting for a specific date (i.e. quarters or semesters). Davis Tech offers affordable tuition to full-time adult students and high school students attend at no tuition cost.

In addition, formal articulation agreements between Davis Tech with LDS Business College, Weber State University, and Utah State University allow for credit equivalency.

Davis Technical College currently offers certificate programs in the Schools of Business and Technology, Construction, Health Professions, Manufacturing, Service Professions, and Transportation. Employer advisory teams are used extensively to review program standards as they relate to industry demand and employment verification.

Davis Tech is dedicated to its philosophy of "We Change Lives." On behalf of our dedicated faculty, staff, Board of Directors, and Foundation we extend our warmest welcome.


Davis Technical College is accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education. Information regarding accreditation may be obtained from the Administration Office.

  • Council on Occupational Education
  • 7840 Roswell Road Building 300, Suite 325
  • Atlanta, GA 30350
  • Telephone (Local): 770-396-3898
  • Telephone (Toll-Free): 800-917-2081
  • www.council.org


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