Administrative Policies & Procedures

Accounting and Budgeting
Accounting Policies and ProceduresOct 2001
Budget Control Policy and ProceduresMar 2013
Payment Policy and ProcedureJun 2013
Restricted Fund Accounting – ContractsJun 2013
Management of Institutional Investments Policy (Institution)Apr 2005
Property and Fixed Assets AccountingMar 2010
Property and Fixed Asset Disposal ProceduresFeb 2017
Procurement and Operations
College Procurement/General PoliciesJan 2015
Purchasing Requisitions Including Capital Equipment Preparation and ProcessingJun 2015
Purchasing CardsJan 2012
Purchasing and Corporate Card Records AdministrationFeb 2016
Solicitation of bids, Proposal and Emergency ProcurementJan 2012
Purchases from Auxiliary ServicesJan 2002
Contract/Agreement Signing Policy and ProceduresApr 2018
Cash Receipts Policy and ProceduresAug 2006
Refund of Tuition and Fees PolicySep 2013
College Core Services Policy and ProceduresNov 2008
Contract LaborMar 2014
Health Insurance Bidding PolicyNov 2015
Employer Provided Clothing ProcedureMar 2017
GRAMA PolicyDec 2017
Payments and Reimbursements to Employees
Petty Cash FundsJun 2015
Payment of Per Diem to Campus Board of DirectorsSep 2001
Administrative Expense PolicyNov 2005
Executive Employee Credit Card Policy and ProcedursOct 2014
Travel Reimbursement Policy and ProceduresNov 2005
COE Accreditation Visiting Team Travel ProceduresDec 2010
Salary Stipend Policy and ProceduresJul 2004
Retirement Contributions Adjustments PolicyAug 2011
Flowers for Employees and FamiliesJul 2016
Donations and Foundation
Donations AccountingJul 2015
Management of Institutional Investments Policy (Foundation)May 2005
Information Technology
Network Acceptable Use PolicyMar 2013
Mobile Communications AgreementMar 2018
Tablet Computing Device PolicyMar 2013
Systems Backup Policy and ProceduresNov 2005
Technology PlanOct 2017
Technical Infrastructure ProceduresOct 2017
Business Continuity Planning for Information Technology SystemsOct 2017
Policy of Policies and ProceduresFeb 2016
Format Template for Policies and ProceduresFeb 2016
Facility Services and Risk Management
Property Use/Rental PolicyJan 2012
Campus Renovation and Improvements PolicyJun 2014
Campus Development, Maintenance and Improvement Plan and ProceduresAug 2017
Emergency Guidelines QuicklistMay 2012
Health and Safety Policy and ProceduresSep 2012
Health and Safety PlanJul 2012
Campus Threat Assessment Policy and ProceduresJan 2012
Policy and Procedures for Paroled Sex Offenders Feb 2015
Crisis Intervention Policy and ProceduresJan 2012
Key Security PolicyJun 2018
Visitors on Campus PolicySep 2016
Animals on Campus PolicyAug 2015
Moving Violation and Parking PolicyJan 2012