Davis Technical College inaugurates new Mobile Welding Trailer

Davis Technical College (Davis Tech) is taking its welding show on the road. Thanks to a $190,000 grant from Talent Ready Utah and partnership funds from Lincoln Electric, Davis Technical College’s new six-station welding trailer will provide additional training space for the College’s Welding Technology program, introduce welding careers to local high school students and bring specialized training to Davis and Morgan County businesses.

 Due to an acute shortage of welding talent and industry growth projections over the next five years, the welding industry requires a larger, well-trained workforce to meet demand. The number of occupations directly impacted from welding skills include more than 100 processes in industries such as the military, construction, manufacturing and repair and aerospace. The Mobile Welding Trailer is part of a cooperative effort between professional associations, government entities and private industry to fill the talent gap.

 The Davis Technical College’s Welding Technology program provides state-of-the art welding equipment and hands-on learning to prepare students for American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and American Welding Society (AWS) Certifications. The Mobile Welding Trailer will expand the Davis Tech Welding Technology program and will address three key elements:

 1) Expand welding stations for students in Davis Tech’s Welding Technology Program, which is at enrollment capacity;

2) Boost awareness of careers in Welding Technology for Davis and Morgan County high school students through outreach and basic welding training at high schools;

3) Bring one-on-one specialized training directly to Davis and Morgan County businesses to boost welder proficiency and improve work performance.

 First, this trailer will expand Davis Tech’s existing Welding Technology Program. Over the past six years, enrollment in the program has averaged 300 students yearly. With its six additional training stations and two virtual welding trainers, the trailer will allow Davis Tech to create 120 more training slots per year.

 In addition, the Mobile Welding Trailer will serve as an outreach tool for high school students in Davis and Morgan Counties to learn about welding career and educational pathways. Davis Tech attends a minimum of four outreach events throughout the year, including dedicated STEM events like “STEM Fest” and “Explore the Possibilities” and Career Exploration Classes. The College also hosts its own campus career day events as well as Junior High and High School tours.

 Davis Tech’s Welding Technology Program provides Custom-Fit training for industry partners. With the addition of the Mobile Welding Trailer, the College expects to see an increased number of companies enroll in Custom-Fit training. Most courses allow employees to obtain information quickly through competency-based lab exercises that will increase performance, engagement and efficiency in their current jobs. The new trailer also improves employer access to Custom-Fit course and removes enrollment restrictions. With the ability to offer on-site training, companies will reduce production loss time and travel costs.

 The Mobile Welding Trailer has been purchased in partnership with The Lincoln Electric Company, a Fortune 500 company. Davis Tech is home to one of several Lincoln Electric Training Centers in America. Additional industry partners and professional associations providing support for this project include: Kroger, Structural Steel & Plate Fabrication, Utility Trailer, Department of Workforce Services, Utah Manufacturers Association, American Welding Society and the Petroleum Association.

 The Mobile Welding Trailer was inaugurated at a ribbon cutting ceremony held at the Davis Technical College Rotunda on Thursday, June 22 at 2:30 p.m.