Career Connection Center

Career Connection

It’s not easy to narrow your career choices from 3.4 million to one career. You need to take into consideration your previous hobbies, interests, personality, skills, education and experience. All of these factors help you choose the right college to pursue the right college. Next you have to base your college decision on college financing, schedule, quality of curriculum, faculty, completion and hiring rate. At Davis Tech we realize that you need help narrowing your choices, so we created Career Connection Center. This center offers you career planning, financing, training, prep and placement to become successful in life. The following section highlight some college considerations and the FREE resources we can offer anyone.

Hybrid Learning
This new style of learning allows you to learn bookwork online, observe faculty demonstrations, and pass of skills in hands-on labs. You train at-their-own-pace. Faculty provide 1-on-1 instruction if the students need help. Hybrid Training allows you to graduate in 3-24 months..
Career Planning
Davis Tech provides FREE 1-on-1 career counseling, career assessments, career plans and program tours to help narrow your choices down. He also offers pre-enrollment support to help you prepare for admissions assessment, study skills and more.
Financial Aid
Our Financial Aid Office will provide valuable insight on completing the FAFSA and Davis Tech Scholarship Applications. Also inquire about our Destination Davis Tech Scholarship (if you earn less than $30,000 and qualify for a Pell Grant), Need-based scholarships, incentive funding for high demand programs, and the 2014 Summer Bridge Scholarships (High School Only).
Career Prep
Curt Cooper provides you FREE monthly workshops to get you hired: Resumé Writing, Interviewing, Job Seeking, LinkedIn Portfolio, Workplace Relations and Community Resources.
Career Placement
Last year Davis Tech helped 6,142 students (82%) get hired. Our Career Placement Specialist, matches your education, experience and skills to our vast Job Database of 250 Employer Advisory Teams, 400 employers partners and 450 employment agencies to get you hired.