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Course Descriptions - Certificate of Program Completion (Catalog Year: 2019)
EMST 0000 Emergency Medical Technician Orientation0 Hours
Training in this program will prepare students to be responsible for the administration of specialized emergency care and the transportation of victims of acute illness or injury to a medical facility using life support skills. Skills taught include patient assessment skills, bandaging and splinting, use of the AED, patient assisted medication administration, and airway management.
EMST 1020 Emergency Medical Technician150 Hours
This course offers students the chance to develop skills necessary to safely and effectively perform the basic duties of an emergency medical technician. These skills include recognizing the nature and seriousness of a patient’s condition or the extent of injuries, assessing requirements for emergency care, and administering appropriate care based on assessment findings. Topics covered include how to lift, move, position, or otherwise handle the patient to minimize discomfort and prevent further injury and how to perform triage at a mass-casualty site,
EHIT 1120 Medical Terminology90 Hours
This course provides the student with the necessary skills to interpret and define medical terminology, in order to be successful in the pursuit of health occupation careers. This is accomplished by utilizing a method of study that not only instructs the students in building medical terms but also gives the student immediate application in utilizing the medical term.
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