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Federal Aid Eligibility

The amount of your Pell Grant eligibility is determined by the Department of Education. They use a need-based formula, which assigns students an index number that is called an “Expected Family Contribution (EFC)”. This index number reflects the amount a student is expected to contribute to his or her own education costs. Once an index number gets above a certain range you will no longer qualify for a Pell Grant. Eligibility for campus-based grant aid is based on that same index number and the available funds at the time you start school. Amounts of campus based grant aid vary based on the availability of funds. The Davis Technical College (Davis Tech) does not participate in federal student loan programs, if you do not qualify for federal grant-aid, the only other federal funding program that may be available to you at the College is Federal Work Study. Federal Work Study is a program that provides you with employment options while attending school. Federal Work Study has limited availability, is subject to a background check, and may or may not be readily accessible to you. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for information on how to apply. If you do not qualify for federal funding you may apply for college scholarships or secure funds from private or public agencies outside the College (Dept. of Workforce Services, Division or Rehabilitation Services, etc.).

Determining and Activating and Award

If you are eligible for Financial Aid, the Financial Aid Office (the office) will package your award and provide you with an Award Letter within 90 days after you activate your grant. A student can only receive campus-based grant or work-study funds up to their total need. Need is calculated as the cost of attendance (see above) minus your EFC. All funding sources available to pay your school costs are applied in determining your need.

You must activate the grant process by contacting the office in-person. Three conditions must be met in order for you to activate your award. 1) You must be eligible; 2) You must have started school; 3) you must have submitted all required paperwork. Awards cannot be packaged prior to your start date because award packages must be date defined.

Disbursement of Funds

The Financial Aid Office normally requires up to 90 days from the day you start school or activate your grant (complete all of the required paperwork) to process your aid and to disburse any Title IV refunds (federal aid eligibility that exceeds the direct cost of attending school). However, the Financial Aid Office can provide you vouchers for tuition up to the maximum amount of your eligibility. In addition, if you qualify for adequate funds, book vouchers can also be provided for required books, supplies, and curriculum on the first day of class.

All disbursements of aid represent payment made in advance of training. Dollars are earned by attending and completing courses. If you complete a course early, you can only be paid for the hours you attended that course. For this reason you should speak with a counselor about your options for testing out of courses in which you already have the necessary skill. If you withdraw before completing the hours you have been paid for you are at risk for overpayment with the Department of Education or may owe money to the school. Amounts owed to the College that are not recovered will be referred to a collection agency. These balances will be assessed a 33% collection fee.

You can only receive Federal Financial Aid at one school at a time. You must notify the Financial Aid Office if it is your intention to transfer to another school. You must officially stop your federal aid at Davis Tech before accessing aid at a new school. If you fail to do this, any costs that accrue or Federal Aid overpaid are your responsibility.

In keeping with federal grant regulations, the College pays federal grant funds in increments called payment periods. Payment periods are defined by federal regulation and are determined by your program length, the academic year of your program, and for students receiving aid in more than one year, the remainder of the program.

There is no federal aid for students enrolling as less than half-time students. Because the College requires a student to complete their designated program within 3 years to earn a Certificate of Program Completions the College does not allow less-than-half-time students to enroll as Certificate Seeking students. However, the Financial Aid Office can pay for up to 3 classes at a less-than-half time rate if the student’s overall enrollment is greater than half time. The College has approved the student to remain as a Certificate Seeking student and the student can complete their program within the academic year in which the award was made. Courses must be the final three courses in the program to qualify.